2020 Wealthy Affiliate Review

Why is Wealthy Affiliate the best program for an online business startup?

Wealthy Affiliate is a complete online business format. It can take you from keyboard to keyword. From starting with no understanding of how making a website or marketing any product of yours or someone else’s, every step of the way to a complete fully functioning profitable website.

How cool is that?

No other program does that all in one place for all in one price. Every other marketing system will have add on after add on that is required in order to actually get into any real cash flow. Sure they have upgrades for some things you might want or need as your online business gets more advanced, but they are not a requirement to be profitable when you become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

With your Wealthy affiliate membership you get website creation tools, domain registration and website hosting all included. Three free and up to 50 websites with the Premium membership. The system is extremely new user friendly.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place you will ever find on the internet for someone with no experience to get a good start. There is so much added value here that is difficult to even appreciate it until you see it, use it and compare it anywhere else.

If you have any interest or need for building your own website, for any reason, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to do it.


Because if you do make a website, you want it to be done right, recognized by Google and the other search engines,  and viewed by your target audience. That is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about: Your success.

Contrary to all the hype you see on Social Media, Facebook, YouTube, and the bombardment of email marketing, Affiliate Marketing is not an easy business to learn. There is a lot things that need to be mastered to get your online business profitable. All the DFY (Done for You) Marketing Guru’s want big bucks $$$ for what they do, no matter what they say up front in the sales pitch. All you can buy initially is a front seat ticket to expensive relentless upselling.

Which is why you need to start at Wealthy Affiliate with your Education:

Do not… DO NOT spend money on those programs if you don’t already have a good grasp of Affiliate Marketing. There are just too many reasons why you will not be able to take advantage of all those wonderful promises until you have educated yourself on how this business works.

Training Courses, Step by Step

Wealthy Affiliate is organized into a training program that starts from the no-nothing beginning and progresses all the way up to as sophisticated as you could ever want to be. You can learn at your own pace.

Someone new can take it slow and sure and someone with more technical experience can go through it rapidly. But even the more experienced members will tell you how important it is to follow the steps, go step by step and work through the process to avoid unnecessary complications and maximize your experience on the path to becoming a profitable Affiliate Marketer.

Training videos are always available for review on any segment that you need. As you progress through the step by step and do the lessons, you soon realize that it is a tremendous amount of information, and a lot of the available things will become more useful as you develop your need for them and skill in using them.

WA also have a Boot Camp program, highly recommended if your interest is Affiliate Marketing not just making and promoting a website of your own (or for someone else)

WA encourages anyone to keep learning from tutorials, webinars

Personal Mentoring

In this business of Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Website Building, the value of having someone who can tell you, help you, show you, teach you all the things you will need to know and how to take advantage of all the tools and programs cannot be over emphasized.

WA has a comment and question format that is super responsive to member questions. Other members will become the best information resource you could ever ask for.


You will find people, make friends, and soon realize the community here is almost like a social media of its own. With follows and likes and comments on your goals, your content, encouragement, learning from each other, and helping each other from wherever you are in the program to wherever you want to be. It’s a great place to be, and a lot of fun too.

You will soon find yourself watching and checking emails frequently to see who said what about content and comments both yours and theirs and other members.

The WA community is unique, more specific to helpful information, and not just entertainment or other people selling to you like some other social media.

At WA we turn the tables for you on that, and learn how to use Social Media profitably.

This is a comment from one of the “Ambassadors” a person who has worked their way to the top 100 in the WA ranking system. “The community atmosphere is conducive in creating solid determination among members helping them to go through the process and learn the true meaning of “whatever it takes.”

This ranking is determined by the number of posts and comments and interactions, training help and answering questions. It’s a measure of your own success in following and using the program

Content Writing

Good valuable keyword rich content is what will bring viewers to your website. There is no substitute for good content. Content is the only thing that will ensure continued success over time.

There’s a lot of hype about One Page websites and all kinds of Done For You options for landing pages and sales programs and the like. But you soon find out that even to be able to use all that you will still need a space of your own to launch from.

No matter what method you choose to promote from you will need a platform of useful content in a niche you know about and have a passion for to be your “Home Page”

At WA we teach and mentor how to write good content. We give an internal blog space to practice, with feedback and real time interaction with other members.

WA has a top-notch content writing platform that can even publish your content to pages and posts on your own website.

Building Websites

Wealthy Affiliate is about building websites. Everything you need to create a high quality website is available and included in your membership. Three (3) of them, in fact in a Free membership. And up to 50 more if you upgrade to the Premium. When you see all we do, it’s pretty obvious that it is one of the best deals on the internet. Especially when you take the training and begin to see not only the awesome potential, but the tools and methods to take advantage of it.

There are lots of programs for Affiliate Marketing that will get you in and then, upsell upsell  after upsell. Or they will inundate you with “free plugins” and site widgets that you have no idea how to use effectively, or even if you should. Some of them are unethical and will get you banned.  Some of them will create more problems than they solve.  The experience from other members helps a lot in deciding which ones you might want.

It is too easy as a novice to do crazy things to your website  that you don’t know how to undo.  To know what you are doing first is always a better idea.

Besides, WA makes all that extra stuff you might need available as part of the membership. It is true that as your website becomes more advanced you may find upgrades to certain programs you feel beneficial. But their is no pressure from WA to buy anything else. Everything you need  is here to be professional and successful in YOUR business.  All you have to is learn how to use it.

Wealthy Affiliate uses the most popular updated WordPress site builder. The biggest challenge you will have in building a website from scratch will be learning how to use WordPress.

WA training will teach you how to do that. All the way from  knowing nothing about the process,  to completing a first-rate professional page, and getting recognized and ranked by the search engines,

Why Wealthy Affiliate Managed WordPress Hosting Platform is the Best

Here is what you get with your hosting at Wealthy Affiliate:

* Super fast hosting speed (Amazon fast)
* 30 GB of space
* 500K Visitors/month
* Free SSL Certificate (https)
* Daily Website Backups
* 24/7 Access to Server Admins through membership login so it is super easy to access and maintain.
* BotNet Security

* And Much more

From the membership Site Content editor you can publish directly to your WordPress website.

Even if you already have a website and hosting, as a Wealthy Affiliate you might want to move it here. WA makes that extremely easy to do. It is also possible and very competitive pricing to register and manage your domain here. I would especially recommend that when it comes time to renew a domain.

The Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform is the best as they have the most available features for the membership price and is the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platform.

Adding Affiliate programs.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate program. So it is obviously the best place to start.

Monetizing your website is the end result we Affiliate Marketers want. We are creating our own online business. The WA program is the means to that end.

Within this format there are literally hundreds of affiliate options and the technical training to include and promote whatever programs you might want to include.

When someone has an interest in your niche and visits your page for whatever reason, traffic from search engines, social media, targeted email, re-directed pages, whatever. The visitors will see whatever product or program you have to offer.


If for any reason you would like your own online website, Wealthy Affiliate is among the very best programs to accomplish that.

Register here now for FREE and try it. We think you will be highly impressed. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to have a professional profitable online presence. Don’t wait for a better moment. Get started now and begin what could be one of your smartest and most rewarding experiences. Show the world what you are passionate about… and get paid for doing it at Wealthy Affiliate.

At One Year Testimonial by a WA member:

I am very pleased with the WA hosting platform. I am amazed at the value and tools that are available, such as Jaaxy. I am a sure to be a lifelong member!

Jaxxy is one of the best keyword research tools essential to writing good content.

Wealth Affiliate sign up

Wealthy Affiliate banner

The bottom line.

If you are an  affiliate marketing beginner this is the best place to get started.

If you are already good at affiliate marketing this is the best place to make a profit helping other people do it.  Just sayin’


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