Power Tools

This page is a work in progress.

This page will be about the basic power tools. It will include some product reviews and recommendations. We will share a few useful techniques and time saving methods.

I would like to think that my handyman history and experience could be beneficial to almost anyone who uses power tools on a regular basis. Not all of the ideas here are mine or even unique. The very nature of the tool dictates a lot about how and where it is used. Doing handyman projects and remodel work often requires some innovative methods and some thinking out of the box.

We woodworkers are always learning. I am continually amazed at the creative things people come up with to do something easier, better, faster, or safer. We invent new tools, we invent new ways for using old tools.

The basic list.

Drills and Drivers
Hammer Drill

Circular Saw

Miter Saw

Table Saw

Reciprocating Saw

Angle Grinder